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Introduced in 2015 Awards the Club of the Year proved to be both popular and very competitive!  Sponsored by Kapiti Coast District Council this is your Club’s opportunity to be recognised for your successes, but also all your hard work.

Open to any sports club which displays good practice/strengths in the areas of:  planning, leadership, financial management, volunteer strategies and membership growth, clubs need to answer the following questions and provide supporting documents/evidence:

Retention and growth of membership

Evidence of financial sustainability / viability

Role descriptions for committee and key club roles and/or examples of robust governance practices

Club business plan (Long and/or short term)  Is the plan being put into action?

Alignment to a national/regional bodies programmes

Evidence of volunteer management strategies

Other areas that can also be commented on:

Coach development processes in place

Community engagement e.g. with other clubs, schools, sponsors, external stakeholders or community groups

Competition/performance outcomes (across the entire club structure)

Any awards achieved


Registrations were open from 16 November 2016-4 April 2017.

Once you’ve registered you will then be emailed the entry form as a word document to complete.

Clubs really need to allow time to pull together all of the necessary information – once you get started, you might find that you need to up-date documents.